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Oct 26, 2021
johnnycarson Truly Addicted User
so boyd was asked about raising his kids to be pros. it looks like at least 2 of
his 3 kids are gonna be pros in the coming years. preston, frosh at ASU, is already showing up on the college golf scene. grace, who's still sorta in hs, competes with men all the time.

anyway, boyd said he thinks the key is actually time on the course, not the range. he said he thinks that he didn't make in on tour because he was too finicky, trying to fix everything on the range, when the right thing to do is spend most of your time out on the course, playing for a score, and less time on the range. Playing money games where you are scratching out a score under pressure.

his kids play 300 rounds per year....and they always play for something, so they're not just messing around. every shot counts. money games with themselves. preston plays money games with tony and other pros down there all the time. the other kids play with each other or other juniors. they're not spending 5 hours on the range everyday. they're spending a little time on the range, and then playing 18 or 36 for money, under pressure.

he thinks that's how you make a pro. i bet he's right. many spend too much time on the range.

for me, the range is kinda zen. its kinda fun. and easy. but if i wanted to really drop my index, i'd be playing 9 or 18 much more often, with a guy, not alone.... and, so every shot counts, play for money (or skittles, if that floats your boat).
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