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Jun 22, 2022
Blueto All-American
Coastal Carolina was really the game that pushed me into Tuiaki defender status
BYU took a last minute game. Travelled across country to play a undefeated Coastal with a quirky offense and undersized tough defense.

They lost 22-17 as time expired.

That year the BYU offense averaged:
43.5 points per game
525 yards per game

They scored 17 with 405 total yards, 3 turnovers.

The Coastal offense averaged:
37.2 points per game
458 yards per game

They scored 22 points on 366 total yards 1 turnover.

BYU got 11 offensive possessions in the game, this is what they did with each: they had two TDs, 1 FG, an Int, a fumble, turnover on downs, 4 punts and drive that ended as time expired.

Despite all this, this loss was and still is blamed on Tuiaki. A loss where the defense held a undefeated team15 points and 100 yards under their season average. A loss where the offense completely fell on their face is only ever referenced as a failure for the D.
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