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Jul 2, 2022
ohiocougar All-American
The joke may be on BYU. Utah may very well get a life ring from the Big10. BYU
no. So jumping on Utah's grave may be very presumptuous of us. In reality this move make it clearer that BYU will still be on the outside looking in as regards to sitting at the Big boys table for college football. Don't know if it will affect the other sports for sure, but they could be damaged to. If the big10 and SEC are the only conferences with all of the blue bloods. BYU should be praying that the BIG 12 is not further damaged. The merger idea is the best that I have heard as regards to keeping some form of relevancy. I am still happy BYU is joining the BIG 12. I am happy they are going to be in a conference. But if Utah is invited to the Big 10 they will have the last laugh and look down on BYU till the end of time. Hope the Big 12 survives. with or without the Pac10 surviving.
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