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Sep 21, 2022
ImaFBfan 3rd String
Thoughts on Holker from a Ute fan.
I am not here to be a troll. I know this is a sensitive subject and I totally get it.

First of all, it is not a given that he ends up at Utah. Has his dad talked to a friend who knows Fred Whittingham to see if there is interest? I think this is very possible. But, nothing more at this point. I have heard some rumors that he may end up where Grimes ends up next season.

From this fan's perspective - I would love to see him play at Utah. We lose Kuithe and Kincaid and Holker would be a nice addition. Many of you posted this summer that you thought that Holker was your best tight end. He has the size, speed, and hands you want in a tight end.

BYU was Tight End U for 30+ years. There is no argument from me on that. However, Ludwig is changing that. We have a tight end centric passing game. Does that appeal to Dallin? I don't know, but this may be the thing that makes him want a change.

It hurts when a player leaves your program. I was very disappointed when Harvey Langi left Utah for BYU. But, he made his choice and I have always wished him well. Is Holker selfish for leaving BYU right now? You certainly could say that. However, if he wants to be an NFL player - he needs to do what he believes is best for his career. Is leaving the best thing? I honestly don't know. When people who worked for me left, I always told them to never look back. You made the decision to leave - now make the best of it. I am sure this is what Sitake has told Dallin. I believe that Kalani cares more about the person than anything else. That is one thing I admire about Kalani.
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