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Nov 30, 2022
BYUFootballRocks1 Contributor
Posts like the one linked missed the point -
This is a response to: "Posts like the one linked are soooo silly."

I think my post yesterday probably struck a nerve because it's true. It's just a common-sense observation about the current state of CougarBoard. It needed to be said.

I can't imagine there's license for the rubbish that's been on this board for quite awhile, that does actual damage to people? And it doesn't reflect the values of the University or its sponsoring Church of which many of us are members.

I mean basics like "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" and "love your neighbor."

It seems to me you don't leave these boots at the door when you enter CougarBoard.

One can hardly make a comment here any more and not have it mocked with some dumb emoji or image or video put-down.

And the overall negativity, and the viciousness toward coaches and players, and the gossip has just gotten so out of hand...

This isn't coming from some high horse. It's a desire for a better experience here, the one I think was intended by the creators (Are you listening?) of this site.

I believe those of you who are doing this stuff are taking the real fun out of CougarBoard.

It's not about sociology or group-think expectations. Of course there will be a diversity of opinions on any social media site, so that's beside my main point too.
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