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Nov 30, 2022
LateToTheGame 3rd String
There are three basic levels here
1. Fans who never say anything critical or negative. If this is how someone prefers to be a fan, I'm cool with it.
2. Fans who voice frustration and concerns responsibly. I view myself as a fan and a customer of BYU. Customers should share concerns or they often end up with a subpar product. We've unfortunately seen this many times with BYU.
3. Fans who are toxic and can't see past their toxicity. I would argue that these fans care more about the entertainment value of CB than contributing to build up BYU. The evidence is pretty clear when logical arguments are made for not being toxic and they come back with a double helping of it.

I'm not suggesting anyone's free speech should be suppressed or regulated, other than becoming better regulators of ourselves individually. If someone wants to act the way they do, it's their choice but it doesn't mean it's healthy or helpful to them or BYU.
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