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May 31, 2023
Turnpike Lane Intervention Needed
The last 13 years, the real winners of expansion aren't who you think they are.

Yeah Utah hit the jackpot.  Louisville too. So did Rutgers. Like seriously--Rutgers.  And then TCU did too.

But the real winners are the schools that lost Nebraska, Missouri, Texas A&M, and Colorado, and now will lose OU and Texas--and will still be a Power 5 league, probably #3.

Kansas, KState, TTech, Baylor, Okie State and Iowa State are the real winners. In spite of all the chaos aroung them, they didn't sink at all.  In fact, they're now in a solid position and took TCU and WVU for the ride with them.  Basically the 4 castoffs from the Big 8 and the castoffs from the SWC got together and made lemonade. 

And I am glad BYU gets to join them. Resilient bunch.  And the league is solid top to bottom with no guerillas and no minnows. 

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