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May 14, 2024
TFL Political Junky
Haha. Keep in mind. I love this. The attention to Utah football is awesome. To be clear, he finishes with Utah
being on its knees thanking the Big 12. That's not the reality of the situation. Yormark has been open about the 4 corners being a top target. No one outside BYU fans ever questioned that.

BY even called it a dream scenario or something that. So this begging notion is silly.

But it's fun.

Conversely, the bigger question might be, have we ever seen a team come to a new conference and from the get-go, be considered the favorite?

Is this a first in CFB?

That makes it all the more intriguing. Every win for Utah will be that much more exciting.

Although I notice CU, ASU and AZ fans aren't saying anything. Lol. They respect utah football.

You should peruse the USC / Oregon / UW fans. they don't say much about the big 12, but they're pretty open about who they like and who they think will win. Most of the old MWC too.

Utes are pretty popular with their past conferences.

Being the Big 12 villain will be a nice change up.
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