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May 15, 2024
TFL Political Junky
Thank you for your post. I actually agree with everything you said...except you have it backwards...
Not you personally. You're sincere, well the insight.

However, Utah is a well respected program and a very good program.

BYU fans have struggled with Utah's success dating back to 2008 (they aw 2004 as a flash in the pan) and ESPECIALLY with the Pac-12.

When Utah turned out to be competitive in a P5, BYU fans became ob--sessed--and in-your-face with every loss. As if schools like Utah should be running the table every year against markedly suprior brands and wealthier programs.

It's out of touch.

When the P12 was falling apart, BYU fans were enthralled. A decade-long dream come true. They concocted this awkward idea that because a few weird twitter fans for Utah, the fact that BYU "dominated" the Utah market and Utah's embarrassing OOC and Rose Bowl losses, that the Big 12 would pass up Utah.

Unfortunately, many though Utah was MW bound. They were shameless celebrating.

Big 12 fans were frustrated Utah wasn't dropping everything and started sharing the same sentiment.

Both BYU and BIg 12 fans kind of lost their validity when Utah was not only invited, but turned out they had had a long standing invitation from Yormark. He was glad to have Utah as were most of the Big 12 fans and programs.

So...BYU and the few Big 12 twitterati decided that Utah was somehow going to struggle in the new conference. The Big 12 was too strong for such a mediocre program.

That would be totally true if O, USC, UW, TX and OU all stayed involved.

But not the likes of BYU, CU, AZ, ASU...Baylor, Houston, UCF...that's not a threatening schedule for Utah rn.

So you have a terrific program like Utah, well respected, well received and now expected to play at the top of the conference...and you have a few B12 and BYU fans trying to tell everyone it doesn't belong bc a few fans disagreed with them when they got in their faces.

Go around your BIG fan bases. they won't pay much attention to anyone outside the P2. But none of them will rip on Utah as a program. Especially the 4 P12 newcomers.
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