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Jan 10, 2017
jdub All-American
I was directly impacted by anti-vaxxers.
We were in close contact with anti-vaxxers who (unknown to them at the time) had contracted measles while at Disneyland. They came home from the trip, then attended a family party. The next day or so, two of the kids came down with measles. Because they had been in close proximity to us (we hugged them, for crying out loud), my son who was under 2 had to be quarantined, since he only had one of the two required MMR vaccinations to that point. Thankfully, he did not contract measles.

Other people involved in the same patient-zero experience from Disneyland were not so lucky. In the case of my extended family, only 3 people got it. But from that same outbreak, it did spread to several other people in various states. I think it was contained fairly quickly though because the CDC was all over it.

It's not just about "thinking differently". It's ignoring vast amounts of medical research, loads of empirical evidence, then using a discredited and admittedly fabricated paper to justify something that literally can (and does) make others sick. Andrew Wakefield MADE UP the connection to autism. He admitted to this. Completely fabricated it. Yet anti-vaxxers use that fabrication as their justification. That's not thinking differently, that's convincing yourself of an alternate reality despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. And, injuring innocent people through your negligence/delusions.




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