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May 23, 2019
icecougar All-American
Not true. Tyler did more than just one thing better than TJ...
...Tyler was a better FT shooter, was a better 3pt shooter (37.9% to 35.7%), he was better at drawing contact and getting to the FT line than TJ was, a better rebounder, was a better and more consistent scorer, had a better PER, superior WS, etc. Tyler did this while playing a tougher SOS too.

One other area where Tyler was better isn't measured by anything in particular other than opinion but I think Tyler was far more mentally tough than TJ was. Tyler never stopped trying to score and was a consummate grinder, he wore defenders out regardless of how focused they were on stopping him. He was relentless. imo TJ's game and productivity kind of depends on his mood a lot, if he's not feeling it he seems to ease up and lets opposing defenders take him out of the game. TJ seems to be a little more casual about his offense if his shot isn't "on" right from the get-go.

Their games are very different, Tyler plays better off the ball with teammates setting screens etc to get him open looks, TJ is more comfortable with it in his hands creating for himself and others. This makes it hard to say one is better than the other because they're so different and impact the team differently.
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