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Jun 22, 2022
krindorr Truly Addicted User
I defend him at times because the criticism has become disproportionate
If the offense has a bad game (see Coastal Carolina or Boise St), we don't even blame them anymore. You'll have people here saying that Tuiaki and the defense are responsible for all the problems with the offense, by not being more aggressive and messing up the rhythm of the offense.

Or you'll hear people try to hold them to unreasonable standards. I've read more than a few here say something along the lines of "You can't win only on offense, but you can win only on defense. We just need to have more takeaways and scores from the defense while letting up fewer points".

Not to say Tuiaki is a great or even a good DC, but he's suffering from what I call "Pau Gasol syndrome". The Lakers of 2007-2012 were very good and had a beloved franchise icon in Kobe Bryant. They also had Pau Gasol. And so when things were good, fans talked about how great Kobe is and what a historical talent he is. But when the team struggled or disappointed, they couldn't bring themselves to criticize Kobe. So Gasol got all the hate and none of the credit.

In this case, the offense (generally, Zach Wilson specifically) was our Kobe and immune to criticism, so we bent over backwards trying to blame others and unfairly blamed the defense (and Tuiaki) whether or not it was deserved.
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