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Jun 22, 2022
krindorr Truly Addicted User
This is what I'm talking about, people unwilling to blame anything but the defense
Boise St, we lost 26-17.

Bosie St scored 14 of those points when we started them on the BYU 24 and the BYU 23 on consecutive drives.

That gave Boise a 20-10 lead at half (notice that the defense was otherwise pretty solid). After the defense allowed a FG on the next drive to make it 23-10, the BYU offense was driving to close the gap. Even managed to get into the red zone...before another fumble ruined the scoring chance and gave Boise the ball AGAIN.

Luckily the defense held for the next few drives, forcing a 3 and out and then allowing just one first down on the next drive to keep it at 23-10...and then BYU finally got their only score of the second half to make it 23-17.

Next drive, Boise St gets within the 5 yard line based on a huge play to their NFL-drafted WR, but the defense stiffens and limits them to a FG, making it 26-17.

Despite turnovers gifting Boise St at least a 17 point advantage, BYU has a slim chance.

With 2:20 left, BYU is at the Boise 29 yard line. A TD or even a FG here will make it a one possession game and then hopefully the defense can hold. Plus BYU has two timeouts.

So the defense is definitely going to need a solid performance but first the offense has to do their job and score. Ideally a TD, but even a FG would be huge, and we're already in FG range. The one thing you can't do is come away with no points.

So of course the next three plays go offensive holding, incomplete pass, interception - effectively ending the game
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