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Jan 24, 2023
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ACTUALLY:) Iirc, in quantum mechanics, two observers can look at the same
Electron and report what movement they see and they can see it moving in completely opposite directions.

One says it is for sure moving in one direction. Like "spinning" in a certain direction . The other says no, I see it moving in the opposite direction. Like spinning in the opposite direction.

This is because the observers themselves are also part of the quantum and can affect the electron when observing it. So both are right and seeing their truth. Cuz the electron is actually moving like a wave in all directions until an observer affects it, and then sees it moving in the direction they see it.

(And actually, we can't even really see electrons but there have a number of techniques developed to "observe" them. And I'm sure I've messed this whole explanation up.)

This is the wrong application of the above, but it would be crazy if the above had something to do with why we all seem to see things so differently in life.

I say all that to say this: This is how when even my wife is wrong, she says, agreed to disagree and that she's right:)
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