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Mar 12, 2018
ColonelMustard All-American
I am now more than ever against joining the Mountain West in FB (edit to include NY6 argument)
I was actually never for it...and have always leaned against the idea but after reading a post reminding people about how when we were in the Mountain West we longed for something better I realized how un-exciting it would to play every single week (except Boise) (and Utah st for local reasons).
The simple solution is just to start winning our games as an independent. Easier said then done sure. But if we could start winning then all of a sudden independence doesn't look so bad. Sure we don't have a conference championship to play for and that does kind of stink. And maybe players put a lot of weight into that...(more on this later) But as a fan I sure enjoy playing these power 5 teams. If we were to continue to have 4-9 seasons then we can start talking. But one 4-9 season (though it was sooooooooo crappy) doesn't make me want to go back to the mountain west. I say give it more time. I recognize half the people on the board have been saying this...just throwing out my opinion to add to yours.

Now about the players playing for a championship...I'd like to ask some players and see their thoughts on it. I tend to think they just want to win each game. Sure its nice to get a title but even after losing 4 games early as an independent i think they still want to go out there and win.

And then their is the money we'd be forfeiting.

EDIT: As for the NY6 argument(going to a conference would give us access to an NY6 bowl). It sounds appealing but then I remember that since the BCS creating a game for the have-nots we never have been the top non-power team at the end of the season. So is it worth playing a crappy schedule in a crappy conference on a crappy network for the opportunity to maybe go to an NY6 game every 10 years? Maybe, but I'm not convinced. Our recruiting would suffer a lot more at that point because utah is in the Pac-12 now and we wouldn't get the same recruits we once did. Right now at least we can compete with Utah(maybe not this year after the horrible losses but usually) as an independent. It would be hard to sell kids on the MWC. So if recruiting goes down our chances at getting to an NY6 game goes down as well.


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