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Nov 18, 2019
kimdaddy35 All-American
This will not be a popular opinion on this board, but taking a 50,000 foot
view on Kalani's time here as the Head Coach I don't know how anyone can say he hasn't been a bad hire. Now we extend him.

He has the same record as Gary Crowton did without the tough schedules.

Our recruiting rankings are by far the lowest they have ever been under any coach.

He oversaw the worst run team I have ever seen in any sport at BYU in 2017. It made me cringe to be a Cougar fan.

We are 6-4 this year and for some reason that deserves an extension? Just this year we lost to teams #94 and #100 in Sagarin ratings. To give you some context Toledo ranks 1 spot ahead of Weber St (of course had we beaten Toledo then they would be below Weber St)

But Kalani is a nice guy who loves BYU. Apparently that is all that it takes to get extended. Neither the results on the field nor the results on the recruiting trail were worthy of an extension.

I guess it is time to put my bar as a winning season as successful. That is what BYU is telling me. To think we used to complain about 9 and 10 wins seasons. Maybe I should put my resources into a team with higher goals.
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