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Oct 15, 2021
nukeduker Contributor
My father-in-law
He is a wonderful person (one of the best I know), but he can be really cheap. I think over the last 20 years that I have know him he has relaxed a bit, but he is still cheap. A great story came from my wife when she was younger.

Like many families my wife's family did not go out to eat...something like never. One day my father-in-law announces that the family is going out for dinner. You can imagine the feeling of elation for all of the kids who only experience going out to eat when they are at friends' houses. So the family piles in the car and they make their way over to Tona Roma's. My wife's mouth started watering as she thought about eating some ribs and a bunch of other stuff.

The waiter came to the table and her dad ordered waters (okay, not crazy, but they are free) and an onion loaf for an appetizer. *As a side note when you go google "Onion Loaf" the first result is for a recipe inspired by Tony Roma's onion loaf* At this point all of the kids are wondering if dad has gone crazy. Maybe he just won the lottery. The onion loaf soon arrives and they devour it in under 20 seconds. My father-in-law them calmly calls the waiter over and hands him a coupon for a free onion loaf. The kids finished up their waters and the family left having spent nothing, but at least the kids experienced a good appetizer for the night.
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