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Mar 26, 2020
The Shazad All-American
read that article then read some of the hot takes on it today
All of the takes in conservative media today tried to portray it as the scientist rejecting his original model, even though:
1. He didn't
2. He didn't claim that he did
3. He's come out today to clarify that he's not rejecting his model

The NewScientist article primarily reports the facts and statements made, while the other articles are saying "he lied to us and claimed it was Armageddon but now he admits he was totally wrong".

I often enjoy some of these conservative media sources but they are missing the story completely today and a ton of people here and elsewhere are buying into it. The Imperial College model may end up being wrong or very wrong but the stories on it today are a complete mess.

I truly do not care if you or anyone else ignores me.
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