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Jan 22, 2021
ReyOso Truly Addicted User
"I'm not an an antivaxxer, but. . ." No, you are just an antivaxxer.

Almost 60 million doses given around the world, including more than 18 million in the United States. Some people from the trials are going on six months now. I have no doubt there will be hiccups, bad reactions, etc., but if you don't want to get the vaccine because you think it's not safe, that it was rushed, etc., you're just an antivaxxer at this point.*

And you think clearly think that either a.) COVID itself is not that serious, b.) the vaccine is more dangerous than COVID, or c.) some combination of the two. With no evidence, just antivaxxer propaganda.


*I'll make an exception for those who already had COVID and decline the vaccine.

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