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Jan 22, 2021
GeraldGarner Playmaker
All of the smart people I know (including doctors) are, at minimum, skeptical
of the vaccine.

Starting from a position of doubt in the efficacy of the government to handle ANYTHING efficiently and effectively, and working backwards.

Then accounting for how nearly everything reported by any legacy media source should be accompanied by deep distrust, in the current year. The propaganda campaign surrounding a vaccination, in historical context, is quite dystopian.

Then the way the whole show has coincided with a controversial presidential election should be plenty enough to cause those with even minimal pattern recognition to at least raise eyebrows.

I am vaccinated, my kids are too. But as someone who is neither obese or elderly, I find 0 reason to vaccinate myself with anything that was developed at “warp speed”, the long term effects of which are impossible to calculate.
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