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Jun 17, 2021
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Does win loss trump strength of schedule? And will it with
the new system? I think even more focus will be put on strength of schedule as you will have P5's like the SEC trying to get as many teams as possible into the playoff. I can see them trying to get 3-4 teams in every year and arguing strength of schedule. These changes are largely coming to pass because of the SEC and this is why. The P5's want more money and more access to the playoff. The PAC12 and other P5's who are typically on the bubble also basically want a guarantee "in". The non P5's will still be fighting for the left overs and it's still possible will only get one team in.

I'm not sure dumbing down the schedule will help. BYU wasn't getting in last year (mainly due to schedule), there is a balance that will be needed for sure but if BYU can go 11-1 or possibly even 12-2 with a P5 type schedule they will have a very good shot depending on what others do of course. It's possible BYU could tone the schedule down a little bit (4 P5's with at least one being a top 25 team or top 15 team who they beat or play close) and still get in with this new format.

P5 is the ideal, would have to look hard at AAC vs independence. It will be interesting to see how all the conferences react if this proposal is passed. There are not a lot of unknowns at this point. I think Tom is being proactive and diligent and will make the best decision for the program going forward when the time is right.
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