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Oct 25, 2021
Endocoug All-American
The HCBW challenged me, if you will, to go without soda/pop for a month.
I was a regular DP zero and DC drinker (1-2 cans per day).

It has almost been a month.

My new drink is Gatorade zero. Gotta say, I like the stuff. Great alternative.

I don’t miss DP zero. I mean, I would like to drink it but I don’t crave it.

I had headaches for a few days after starting but I get headaches often so not sure if related to stopping.

I haven’t slept so much in my life. Can’t stay up much past 10pm anymore. I’ve been very tired since stopping.

Haven’t noticed many other changes. For instance, I don’t feel “amazing” like some may have felt who have done something similar.
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Oct 25, 11:06am

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