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Sep 13, 2018
cajuncoug All-American
Probably, re: your last point
I don’t disagree with the idea that we could play with more “discipline,” although that’s fairly broad.

I also think it may be 20% of the issue while the other 80% has to do with caliber of athletes.

Cal was a winnable game had we executed our schemes more effectively, whether that means greater discipline or what have you. It could’ve also been won if any number of our guys could simply have made one more play.

BYU likes to believe that its average Jimmy’s and Joe’s can beat the other guys because we will be smarter, more disciplined, try harder, etc. That was more true when we ran a revolutionary, unique scheme than it is today. It certainly helps to get the most from your talent, but as you go up in competition, it turns out that guys with more ability than you also value those same fundamentals....

People like to hang the coaching staff(s) over and over, but they aren’t the primary problem.
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