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Jun 10, 2021
runitup590 All-American
If we are to "avoid" any talk of relative strength of wins when assigning
bragging rights, then if Utah wins 50% of games but their average margin of victory is 100 points, and BYU wins 50% of games but their average margin of victory is 1 point, neither team should have any more bragging rights than the other because wins/losses are the same for both, and any relative value assessment should be avoided.  Fanbases would be in a total stalemate, unable to ascertain which team has had the upper hand.

I didn't think it was controversial to point out that BYU's only wins have come with some almost comical miracles to them, and that it would be nice to actual hand Utah a loss or two that didn't involve last minute heroics. This is not self-loathing — this is looking at reality.

When BYU has won, which has been the minority of the time, it has required last minute heroics for 25 years.

When Utah has won, which has been majority of the time, it has sometimes required last minute heroics, but in a lot of cases not only didn't require it, but not even remotely close.

That's not self-loathing. That's a fact. And when we consider who has bragging rights here, why that wouldn't be considered is a little strange to me.
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