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Jun 10, 2021
Mr. Rumsfield 3rd String
This is why I think this argument is silly:
We absolutely owned Utah under Lavell. We won a national championship. We constantly referred to them as "little brother". Sure, maybe it was playful banter from us, but I'm sure it came across completely arrogant to them. We reveled in our lopsided beatdowns and clearly considered ourselves superior to them, and based on results, we were.

After Lavell, they have turned the tide and had the upper hand. They joined a big conference and have beat us 9 times in a row. They have had some nice bowl game wins. If we were in their position, having been owned for several decades, and then flipping the script, we would be gloating too. To pretend otherwise is just silly. So are their fans more arrogant than ours? Sure, but why wouldn't they be based on the last decade? We had a really nice run for about 25 years and rubbed it in their faces and now the tide has turned. They took it from us for decades, now it's their turn to rub it in our faces.

Maybe their fans are more obnoxious or unruly yada yada yada. I'm sure their fanbase thought our fans were incredibly arrogant during our years of dominance. I just think we sound like little kids when we A. act like it's been close over the last decade and B. get annoyed when they rub it in our faces when we did the same thing for decades.
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