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Jun 10, 2021
runitup590 Truly Addicted User
Ok whoa hold on — a clarification
I'm not trying to say that wins don't count. A win is a win.

When I said the last time we "really beat" Utah, I mean "solidly beat", as in, beat them by more than 1 score. I'm definitely not saying those wins don't count. I'm not counting close BYU wins as de facto Utah wins. Utah has had plenty of close wins themselves, and I obviously don't count those as BYU wins like the OP was getting at.

Every win counts, luckily, because we have needed to scrape every win imaginable for over 2 decades to even get our 5 in 20 years. I'm not trying to say those don't count as wins. They do. What I'm saying is I wish we had beat Utah by more than 1 score at any point in the last 25 years, which would certainly help our cause in not feeling like Utah has been better in the series recently.

Utah and BYU have had a lot of close wins/losses. Utah has had more, and not only that, but they've also had a handful of smackdowns, which BYU has not done at all.

So, I would like to see BYU "solidly" beat Utah at a pace more than 1 time per 25 years.
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