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Jun 10, 2021
runitup590 Truly Addicted User
So you don't think Utah should feel any sort of upper hand in the rivalry
despite the following:

- 9 straight wins
- 15 wins in last 20 games
- 4 haymaker blowouts

And (though maybe this is too "qualitative" and "should be avoided") leading the vast majority of the minutes played in all these games, even the ones where it ended up being close as to the final score.

I guess I'm not convinced that if the script was flipped here, and BYU had won 3/4 of the games vs. Utah and handed out some serious blowouts along the way, and last lost 12 years ago, that BYU fans wouldn't feel the slightest hint of superiority.

I get it man — it's been exceptionally painful. I hate Utah more than anyone. I hope they lose every game they play in every sport. But I'm not oblivious to the fact that they've clearly had the upper hand (which is what the OP said, and I agree with) and it would be nice to take that back by 1) winning games and 2) winning at least a couple of them solidly. I don't see how that is controversial self-loathing.
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