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Jul 11, 2018
BYU I Bleed Blue All-American
BYU Football and the Honor Code Office - For what it is worth.
I recently visited with a friend in the HC office. This person explained a lot about how the HC functions with athletes, especially football players, at BYU. They said: "You take a high school kid out of a tough environment where they could do what they wanted in a lot of ways at their high school, and then you put them at BYU and tell them they can't do anything. The HC and the coaches try to do all that they can to keep these kids in school to give them a good education and to help them in life, but in some situations they continue to mess up and cut their own cord to BYU." They have seen the administration do all that it could to help out with all athletes, but it is often much like a disciplinary council situation based upon the following questions: 1) How widespread is it, or how many people know about it?; 2) Has it happened multiple times before with disciplinary discussions?; 3) What is the person's attitude of apology or regret over the infraction?; 4) What is the seriousness of the infraction?

Based upon each of these circumstances, then decisions are made. It is not the fault of the HC office when a football player gets in trouble. It is the athlete who has been taught, warned, and counseled with and still thinks that they are above the rules of the university. A lot of my perspective changed as I visited with this individual.

Hopeful that Cougars keep out of trouble in the summer. That is when many infractions happen as they return home for brief periods and hook up with old friends who don't have same standards as here at BYU. There you go, for what it is worth.
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